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Digital to Foot Traffic - Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores

Aug 8, 2018

Oswald Yeo is the co-founder and CEO of Glints, the #1 career discovery and graduate recruitment platform in Asia with a network of over 300,000 young professionals and 10,000 employers. He is a college dropout who dedicated his time on startups which is now raised over $4million by top investors. He has been featured in different publications including Forbes, Business Times, and The Huffington Post.

This episode focuses on the idea of building an in-house digital team for companies. Oswald talks about the benefit of hiring digital team overseas. He also shares his own personal experience while being on a quest of connecting workers and employers. On this episode, you will learn when to start hiring digital workers and what the perfect conditions are for a more successful working relationship.




Time Stamps:

00:26 – Who is Oswald Yeo and what does he do?

06:15 – Status of Startups in Singapore

09:56 – When is the time to start an in-house digital team?

12:18 – Advantages of hiring overseas digital workers

14:03 – Constant communication between workers

16:22 – The importance of meeting your team in person

17:08 – His vision on digital marketing in the next few years

18:12 – Best Internship in the World

19:18 – Updates on their company

19:38 – Where to find them and how much they charge


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